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Some car drawings I’ve done in the from last year til now. Still working on one more at the moment

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  • Everyone at my school's idea of a relationship: Someone asks someone "Will you go out with me?" and the other person says yes. They hug in the hallways, hold hands in the morning before the bell rings, and they kiss at lunch. They say "I love you" after two days. The whole school agrees that they are the cutest couple ever and hopes that they will last.
  • My idea of a relationship: You start talking to each other and is in the "talking stage". One person asks you to go a date with them. You guys go a few more dates. You guys are dating. You guys act like a couple. You hug, you hold hands, you kiss. One person asks you to be their boyfriend/girlfriend. You guys are now officially a couple. You're in one of those relationships where you don't announce it to the whole world but you won't deny it if someone asked. You guys are comfortable around each other, you hang out outside of school. You say "I love you" when the time is right and when you actually mean it.
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To be honest, I wasn’t excited for my birthday :( everyone had their own plans, so I didn’t get to celebrate it with all the people I wanted to be there. I wanted some friends and cousins to be there, but they had other plans like taking the ACTs, going to great America, going to six flags, or going out to watch the Giants game. My morning was full of chores, which sucked a lot! I had this bad attitude towards my mom cuz I didn’t feel so special. Money was a big problem! But we found a way to make it work. I started feeling better when I got to see my cousins there! I just wished there were more of us there because you know what they say,”the more the merrier!!” In the end, it was a good day. I got free Starbucks, drove gokarts, and played laser tag! Something that happens every year on my birthday is that I only get so little presents :(. Oh well…

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When I got home earlier I started my homework. It was so quiet, I didn’t know why, so I looked around the house to see what everyone was doing. I couldn’t find my brother anywhere, I thought he went missing! Again. Then my mom texted me to prepare some vegetables so she could cook later and that my brother broke his arm. What?! How?! When?! Where?! Were my reactions. He tripped on his shoelace and fell down the stairs at school. No one in my family ever broke a bone before. When they came home I didn’t know how to react when I saw him with a cast. I just helped him up inside the house cuz he was, as my mom said, “drunk” from the hospital. My parent were gonna go to Reno tomorrow, but now they’re gonna have to bring him with them. I don’t know how I would take care of him like that all by myself. I try cheer him up by joking a little. I feel sad for him. At least he’s still smiling

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My dad was telling us how bad Ohigh was back when he went there. He told us how people that went to school with him tried to rob him of his bike and Walkman. There were 4 big guys that held him up around lake Merritt while he was biking. They greeted saying, “oh, you go to ohigh, right??” and one guy punched him in the face and ran off in separate directions with his bike and Walkman… until the police caught all of them and gave him back his stuff

Photo 30 Jun My presents for @xthe_pierce_  and @lovelydoll220 that I wrapped myself. Hope u guys have fun at six flags. Happy birthday to you 2!! (Taken with Instagram)

My presents for @xthe_pierce_ and @lovelydoll220 that I wrapped myself. Hope u guys have fun at six flags. Happy birthday to you 2!! (Taken with Instagram)

Photo 15 Jun 1 note Time to clean the locker @xthe_pierce_  (Taken with Instagram)

Time to clean the locker @xthe_pierce_ (Taken with Instagram)

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I skipped 6th per finals to go watch movies with Abigail and Julio. We we’re gonna watch Snow White and the Henchman at the grand lake theater but they opened at 3:30. So we walked all the way to to Jack London to watch it. Then during the previews there was this movie about bank robbers that are trying to run away from the guy that got caught. He says he got raped while he was in prison. The other guys were trying to figure out what race raped him. They first guessed black, then Mexican, then he yells out “FILIPINO!” so now Abigail and Julio keeps making fun of me and call me a rapist cuz I’m Filipino. After watching snow white, we snuck into the Dictator. It was pretty funny.

Photo 8 Jun 1 note i peeled a #mango and made in into a#mangostar (Taken with Instagram)

i peeled a #mango and made in into a#mangostar (Taken with Instagram)

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